Sunday, July 29, 2007

Home sweet home on a lovely Sunday but not lovely on the assignment part

Yay! i went home today after, yeah, spent my few hours in the gym(wont miss today). Today was the last day of my fav instructor teaching i n CF on sunday. He's stopping for a month but i presume would be longer. An extra class doesnt make much of a difference to his total income anyway. I hope CF wont place a lousy instructor for the step class,otherwise, spoil my sunday routine. Today's step moves was fun=) Such a satisfying workout. Poor guy, he lost his wallet in Celebrity Fitness. He has lost 1K besides the cards. Gosh, that's alot of money. And now he's cancelling the class. Shouldnt he do more to earn back the loss? He's just another victim of luxurious achiever. Nvm,back to my day@ home. i went home after doing some grocery shopping in Jusco. Spent another 40bux, hrm. i just mentioned yesterday that i spent a lot.
So glad to see my parents and dearie brothers especially my youngest bro. i noticed he has slimmed down a lil' haha! that was the first i said to him when i was home. So nasty of me ;p as i always used to tease his figure and he would play along with me,saying, omg,i should eat more then. sigh, my chubby cutie bro. he was so happy when i bought him this yummy choc biscuits from Ikea. He just loves to eat. We had early dinner today. Home cooked meal, Mmmmm~ MOm just know me. she knows i love healthy steamed food.But now im having diarrhea ler. Was it the food..? im paranoid ady whenever encountering diarrhea. thank God, i'm still fine now.
Then i came back Tiara around 830pm. Started my assignment typing and still searching material. guess i cant sleep early tonight.

Gonna cry through the night ;'/

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