Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lisum is exhausted yet glad

Haaaaahhh! i am so tired today. and finally i am home and nicely bathed. ready to go to bed soon. eyes are getting heavier. will be going jogging tomorrow morning around 630am(hopefully can wake up) will be my first time jogging around tiara. i had this thought when i was doing my proposal this morning at 6am. i thought it would be good to wake up earlier to go for a jog before class. As i have no time to go to gym this week and i started to feel uneasy without exercising the whole week and so i suggested to jog around here. Two of my housemates are joining me=) Yay!
Yeah and back to my proposal. ive shown it to my supervisor today with the other six of my coursemates sharing the same lecturer. Glad that it wasnt so bad as earlier i was panicking that i couldnt get anything. So we discussed with her what we are supposed to do for our theses. MIne is about the antidiabetic effect by a few plant extratcs, strobilanthes, gyrana and tongkat ali. from her expanation, it seems somewhat interesting, the research. previously i felt so dreadful thinking of the theses but doesnt seem so now. hopefully it'll be a very fun lab work.
Oh and yay! i submitted my assignment as well! sigh * relieved*
But then..not just yet. AIESEC, aiesec and aiesec. There's always something there to keep us busy with. this week is the week for newbies interviews to get into projects, meeting MCs, recruitment booths and of course, EB meet and EB meet. Anyway, hanging out with my dear,fellow EBs and squeezing brains together for planning and such is quite enjoyable at times. So Much better than to sit and listen to dry lectures. Haha! Gosh, this semester i must work my brain and heart and soul and whatever out to catch up my grades. This is a real challenge! Further more i am starting my lab work on theses on this Friday, doing plant extraction.
Oh btw, welcome to the month ofAugust!!! Woohoo~ :D

Bed time, Great! The best time of all. at least those things are off your mind for few hours.
Alarm : 615am. Hours to sleep : 5hrs 0mns from now... Nitez


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