Sunday, August 26, 2007

Past, Present & Future?

Recently the thought of him came back to me. Like i mentioned in my previous entry. Today, one of my housemate conducted a round of tarot card game and i went on asking about this question. The game goes like telling about the past, present and future about the proposed question. Obviously, my question was this, him. I wanted to know the subconscious me have totally forgotten him or not and that i can be able to move on completely.The outcome, well, the Past ; it was a card that shows a family consisting dad-carrying a toddler, Mom and a boy-playing with a mini-sized gold horse on the grass. There is a scenery of mountain and lake on the background and 10 gold pentacles on both sides of the card. The mom and dad dont look happy. So this card tells that I looked happy with him but was not really so then. This was from the image of the peaceful-looking family yet bearing upset faces.However there was hope as it was represented by the toddler in the family. The emotions between us then were quite distant like the peaceful-nice looking scenery on the background that seems distant from the family. Forgotten what the pentacles represent.Well, i could see the overall relevance somehow. Moving on to the second card, the Present ; It turned out to show a human with a horse lower-body in a dark man-made cave as though he is trapped. There is a shine of light on top of the creature and he is holding a scroll. And so it says that the scroll is like a law that i should follow and the light tells that i know what i shoud follow whereas the horse lower body represents the strength to do such. Meaning that, i should do what i think i should which is ignore the thought and should not doubt my feelings. The thirdcard-Future ; A princess and a cupid are holding hands and in a heaven-like place with an arch that has engravement details of happy-holding hand couples and family. Both of them looking happy at each other and there are 10 cups in front of them. Sounds like a good card right? The 10 cups represent my emotions which are complete, meaning strong i guess. Yes it supposedly is a good one but what does that mean then? Meaning am i gonna end up with him again, but happily this time? like a happy ending in a fairytale? It wouldnt be a good card to me then. However then i was assuming that it could mean my question of me having to completely move on. Meaning i finally could and found a better, new person instead. Yes, i see it that way. haha! After all, im the one who is going to control everything about myself and decice on how i want it to be. I guess this is what was being told in the Present card, the strength. I think i have it in me now. And i know what i should do for now:)
I'm pretty sure some of u might be thinking that i'm superstitious that i believe in all these tarot thingy. I didnt say that i'm believing it full-heartedly. It is just a guidance and no-one should trust 100%. You are the one who is going to determine your fate and no-one, i repeat, NO-ONE can see the future exactly. Anyway, i was pretty happy with the outcome. =D


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