Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lisum on 8th AUG

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday and it was one of my happiest day. I had 3 cakes and two lovely surprises from my dearie sisters, EBs and housemates. The first was from my housemates and my dear EBs. They surprised me at home. Before that, we were having discussion in Hillpark among the EBs and it lasted till 12am. They sang me a birthday song which was quite random as we were in the midst of a serious talk. ANyway, a few of them left after the discussion ended and i had to wait for Nadine to go home together. I really wanted to leave as soon as possible because i was very,very tired and i could almost fall asleep while waiting Nadine to finish her talk with a few others. i actualy thought of calling Rene before he left Hillpark to send me home first but didnt in the end. Then, finally we left and reached home and i thought i could sleep soon after. but when we reached our doorstep, i saw Goay's, Geen's and Rene's shoes. There were here! i seriously thought they went home after the meeting coz everyone was tired and had assignment to do back home. but it was so quite when we came in and no one bunked out or anything. Weird! but i knew they were in somewhere. Mawar was sleeping when in the room and i kept telling Nadine that they were here. but she didnt bother me, pretending. When i realized our bathroom door ws locked from the inside i felt something was not right and i never would have thought they actually hid in there as the lights were off. but it was funny that the door was locked from the inside. i started questioning and Mawar woke up ( pretending) that someone must have locked accidentally after using and accused Geen. After a while, Goay came out with a cake and the rest of them appeared. Four of them actually hid in the bathroom! i believed Mawar that it was locked accidentally. gosh! she has good acting skill. most Aiesecers have good acting skill though. I was so touched by them. was such a sweet surprise, really. i knew they would celebrate for me, probably the next day i thought coz it takes much effort to stay and celebrate after 12am. Anyway, guys, thanx loads and i would say the surprise plan have succeeded 90%. As for the -10%, it was caused by THE SHOES, right outside, so obvious!(haha!) So..lesson learnt was that shoes must be hidden well to keep the surprise a surprise ;p i guess if not because of it,i would have fall entirely to the plan. That was sweet anyway=)

At night, i celebrated with my group of sisters. They came all the way to PJ to celebrate with me. The surprise they gave me was the customized cake (there, my surprised look in the pic). It has a lovely, cartoon tortoise on it (although i dont really acknowledge myself a tortoise) the reason they call me that for i used to walk very slow but well, i walk faster than anybody now. A friend that i knew from my LI company named me as 'the bullet walk' as i walked real fast. The name sounds funny though;p anyway, thanx for coming all the way here for me and the lovely cake(yes, i mean it!) love u girls lots!

Overall, i had a GREAT 22nd birthday celebration and i was feeling really happy the whole day. Oh i bought a muffin as a little treat for myself and each year now,i'll be getting muffin for myself on birthdays and it actually started last year. i realized then i need to pamper and love myself more as i think i havent been really treating myself good enough. u need to love yourself in order for others to. why would people wanna treat u well if u are being a jerk to yourself? ;) i think my body needs rest, shouldnt mistreating it haha!
yay, my aunt's gonna bring me out tmrw for a bday treat=D hehe..

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