Monday, August 13, 2007

Things just weren't right

I was like a total zombie the whole day today. i felt like i was zombying around uni this whole afternoon. everything wasnt right since the minute i woke up early this morning or precisely during my sleep last night. i had a nightmare which seemed so real, spooky, ok..shall not talk about that. Then,i went to uni looking like moron, the hair, the clothes out! by the way, i wanted to wake up earlier at 6am to study for my test at 830am but did not because i was frightened by the nightmare and so, i continued sleeping. good thing i could do at least some of the test questions and managed to complete my assignment to submit on today. (good job, lisum) self-praising is good at times,haha! Speaking of which, i walked a lot in uni today, from fac to lecturer's block in another end -submit assignment,to bank, to KPS and back to AIESEC office. Was so exhausted and i almost tripped myslf 3x, 3Xs!Gosh, so silly. When i finally settled my stuff in uni and came back before meeting at730pm, i felt a sudden rush in me to mop my room even though i was dead tired. Random, wasnt i? Lia, my housemate, commented on me looking pale when she saw me. I saw the reflection in the mirror,looking so horrible. pale lips, dark-circled eyes, emotionless expressions, my god, so ugly-looking! Then went to meeting looking as bad too. DUring the meeting, i was just sitting there as though mind was flown elsewhere. I came back, tried to study but nothing came to progress. The headache i was having since the morning topped up to the bad condition. Evrything adds together and made me feel like a crap hence the blog to ease my feelings. Tomorrow i gotta focus on studying for my test on wed, BIOCHEMISTRY2! Glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, enzymes and what not to memorise.
ok.i should have a good rest now.



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