Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Surprise back at home ;)

Good thing that i decided to go home instead of Malacca last Saturday. My family actually celebrated my birthday in a simple yet heart-touching manner especially from my sis. I initially wanted to join Goay , Geen & a few interns to Malacca for two day's , one night trip. I wanted to go for the food. However my mom stressed over the phone the night before that i should be home this weekend. As usual i thought she insisted me because she has always been discouraging me to go out at nights as she pressumed i would hang out late at night if i stay here in pj. That is so not true. I do work here k. Of course i hang out late once in a while and If any more also would be my meetings ler. Ok..and ive got a Tiramisu cake:D ! It tasted good but my mom limited me to it as ive history of allergic with cake once, the most recent case. Anyway, i had quite a lot in the end, haha! It was a vegetarian cake with no eggs so it was healthy.
But right now, i have tummy ache and had diarrhea yesterday when i came back pj. I assumed it was Murni's food which, if it was, the effect was considered quite slow coz we went there last Thursdsay. Haha, it got all the blames. coz there are a few of us had diarrhea and pukings the day after the supper. speaking of which, the pain now gets worse. Was still ok when i was in the meeting with my fellow EBs. This week is so packed with meetings, interviews and such. Tomorrow i gotta do extraction for my lab work which is a time consuming work. Boiling and extracting takes more than 4 hours. i have got another assignment today and two tests next week. Woohoo this is gonna be great! and there goes my gym routine and oh,my birthday...
tummy pain unbearable. i should just get the med and sleep.

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