Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I just love doing IT

I have loved it since the first time i went for IT. The passion for IT started to grow bit by bit each time i do IT. The more i do, the more passionate i grew upon IT. I started from a beginner to an intermediate/advanced do-er now and i have to admit that i was a fast learner. I picked up the MOVES in such short time. Once he performed the MOVE, i could practice it well already(at least i think i did) I could say i'm getting more graceful and i love seeing myself doing it from the reflection of the mirror. I feel sexy and beautiful. And i do IT along with musics. The faster the music gets, the faster i go and the more 'syiok' it gets. I just love it when there are more turnings. i, somehow, gained a higher self-confidence when i keep doing it. I feel really happy and `high' each time i do IT.The ovewhelming adrenaline rush, increased heart pumpings, spinning music, all combines to create the so-great feeling.Ah, I just love the sensation! Now, i have got addicted and the idea of not doing it anymore doesnt fancy me at all. Yes and i am feeling really miserable right now because i have to stop doing IT for the moment. In fact, i have stopped for almost a week. Like today, i had the chance to do it but i couldnt. i just cant. I was advised to not do IT at so high intensity and do it slower and that i'm still young, i should not do IT that much to the extent i'm getting pain now. Although it is now mild but it can cause serious injury if it is not handled in the right way. The pain is irritating. Each time i thought i want to do IT as i think it is just mild pain and i cant resist the temptation to go for IT, the pain is felt. It probably knows what i'm thinking and giving me warning signs to stay away before things get worse. i felt so helpless and i can only watch others doing IT. Pity me. Not just i have to bear the pain(physically) but also the pain of losing the sensation. IT is one my favourite routine and it is my passsion. Now dont get any idea, i'm talking about my passion for Step Moves in my gym and i'm so upset that i have to refrain myself from doing it now due to the pain that i'm feeling on my knee. It is mild yet risky if i ignore it. If anyone is a gym brat here, i would suggest trying IT=) Trust me, give a lil patience in the beginning,u'd sure love it. As much as i do. Sigh, hopefully the pain fades after some time later. Not getting any treatment though. I should really take it easy now and take good care of the condition. i have heard of serious cases such as knee cap replacement and in fact, most step instructors have done so as too much of damage has been done to their knees for the amount of classes they've conducted all year long. So right now, im taking a week off step totally and see how it goes. If the pain ( touch wood) prolongs, i'd probably seek a chinese sifu for treatment. Let's just hope it will cure itself. i think got such thing like auto-healing ,right? i will have to believe there is... or otherwise... :(
Enough of expressing my love for IT, i have to start to 'love' Immunology. The test is on next MOnday and i could hardly understand the topic. Probably i should read it as my bedtime story just as what my lecturer is practising (yes, she told us she did and still is,crazy huh? i mean not her but her passion for it) u see, passion can make a person goes wild. passion, passion, passion. i should generate the passion for immuno then...
i loveimmuno, i love immuno, i love immuno..(psychoing myself)


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