Sunday, August 19, 2007

Was it the coffee(s) or just the mind?

*blink blink* I am so awake right now. I had three cups of coffee today ;for breakfast, lunch and teatime. I wanted to keep myself awake to study for the tests nextweek and i ended up so energetic till this hour. it didnt work this well on the days of my lectures. Could it be just the mind? Well then, i should psycho myself to sleep now, hrm.. and when u cant fall asleep, your mind tend to travel..
This came about quite random here but Recalling the conversation i had with my housemates this afternoon, this one thing kept me wondering. Have i actually had gotten over him, completely??? I am quite confused. The thought of him came back to me recently and since then, i have been wondering if that was just a random thought of him or i actually missed him? I was positive that i have had deleted him off my mind and outta my heart. however, i started to doubt myself. uh hum.. this is kinda tricky here. But why do i want to question this? Perhaps something relevant about him that brought back the memory. it isnt illogical,is it? Anyway, i am comfortable the way i am now and i do not think(and do not hope) that i'm still bearing the hope for him. Anyhow, i appreciated the things that i've learnt from him and it has really made me stronger. It feels so good with the new strength that i've finally found:)


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