Sunday, September 9, 2007

From fantasyland to reality...

Xcapade is hot-to go! It has been a tiring but worthwhile three days two nights in P.Dickson. We just came back this evening, physically. I think i left my mind there or probably it's taking its time slowly travelling back to KL. Am still kind of lost , not knowing what to do first and next. Because we have been away from all the assignments, tests and stresses and It was as though we were in a fantasyland. Having fun with the dearest people around me as well as the new juniors. It was such a lovely escape from the real world. i wished Xcapade was a 5days & 4 nights camp.
It was my 3rd time being in Xcapade. Same place with familiar as well as new faces. it felt like home.
Well, I'm so glad to say that i've achieved this small goal that i've set to myself after my first experience in Xcapade as a delegate. I told myself that i'd come back for the second time as the organising committee of the camp and the third time as the faci. I've made it! I felt so proud of myself that i actually could make it happen. The satisfactory feeling is just so overwhelming. I was thinking , the fourth time as the alumni ;p hrm,that would all depends then. It was really good to see the juniors engaging themselves in the activities and was even better to watch them improve throughout the camp itself. i really hope they were inspired. Was great knowing these bunch of new people.
Gosh i'm just so reluctant to come back, argh! Back lisum,focus! Assignments, meetings, lectures, tests are all coming next in line. I need some time to adjust the mode. Would do it in my next session later in the dreamland.


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