Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy fasting

Today is my first day & first time of fasting in the Ramadhan month. i mean fasting as in really fasting which goes waking up as early as 5am to 'sahur' , buka puasa in the evening and the most challenging part is to have to go without drinking water in the day time. i did try fasting before but was not the proper way the muslims are doing. That was more like dieting ;) (ops!) Now that my housemate is waking up early to sahur, i have motivation to give it a try. i want to challenge myself to really stick to the real fasting manner and let's see how it'd turn out to be :) Well, It's good that it actually helps in building a strong self-discipline within yourself. i'm waking up early for my immuno assignment too, to submit later in the afternoon.

Back to work now with bloaty stomach;p (ahh,too full ady!)

1 comment:

Emoless Freak said...

Whoa...U intend to fast with Lia kah or u intend to diet? Neways miss ya gal. Ur thin enuf so no need diet ya.