Wednesday, September 26, 2007

STop tellin' me that k

Am home on a Wed Afternoon when usually i'd be in the gym, studying by the pool. I can't do workout today due to the pain. i felt more today and even if i insist on doing, the workout wouldn't be wholesome. I felt so when i was in the Bodycombat class last Monday. I couldn't jump any higher nor kick stronger. It was such an incomplete workout to me even though i still sweat as much and looked active. I couldnt relax myself. I couldn't help it but feltl disturbed ,though this may seem a minor problem to others. Others could just say, it's JUST gym and you should just rest at home instead. it's not like you cant live without it. You'll only die if you dont eat. Which was true but yet it's just not easy to live without it now (My god, i'm talking now as if it is a relationship, haaah..) i just hate it when people tell me that. Well,To ease that, i've resorted to swimming . See, i just cant sit and not do exercise k. I must do something. Is this what they call exerciselemia?thought i read something like this before,somewhere. Anyway now.., i'm waiting for the rain to stop and gonna head to the pool although i'm also fasting today. I fasted and swam too yesterday. It was slightly more tiring. Went breathless quite fast. Speaking of which, it really takes a lot of discipline to fast for the whole day. I nearly succumbed to my desire to want to take a sip of drink when i came home just now. I was thinking it is only a sip but the other part of me kept saying 'no,no'. hah i think i sounded quite gila and drama la. Probably too much of drama scenes i've viewed/encoutered lately. Dramas, dramas.. I think i could be as talented as these ppl too seriously;p Discovering potentials..haha.. so @cey.
Great! the rain has stopped. I better get few things done here before jumping in the pool.
(actually it took me quite some time to finish typing the blog coz am also doing work at the same time. thats why the rain stopped this soon ler :D)

-drama?! peach-
(not that good yet, still discovering..)

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