Tuesday, October 2, 2007

From dislike to like but yet, it's not enough

It just subconsciously grew. I didn't know that i started to like. I disliked so much when i was first introduced at it but now i realize they are pretty interesting and amusing. Am talking about Immunology, a course that I'm taking this semester. Seriously, the things to study here are so relevant to us, especially to me- allergy & immunity, so yah, i find it good to learn. However, however, i just had another test for it today and i couldn't do well! This was so frustrating. I spent so much time studying it and yet.. I am so disappointed. Could it be my way of studying was not precise,enough? I studied like i always do, for all the subjects. Not good at others too,though. Anyways, i thought the time i spent and the input would be sufficient to answer those basic questions. And they were basic actually. I felt so stupid. I have two more tests back to back tomorrow and day after and i didn't touch any of it because i like immuno more. Argh! The feeling of dissatisfaction!i know i only have myself to blame.shouldn't whine but jsut cant help it, so excuse me for that then.
Right, Am supposed to study for environment biochem now. It is as boring as the name suggests:/


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