Sunday, October 14, 2007

SHe's bored over her laziness and complaining about her tan

Laziness is crawling all over me. I think i have used up all my energy for my past two weeks' tests and haven't recovered from the exhaustion. I went home and chilled around with my brothers and went out with my girlfriends. tried looking at the notes but failed. The exam fever has yet to overwhelm me. it's just like you know you are nearing to danger and you still don't bother to do anything about it and later on you complain all over. See, human's nature. tsk tsk such a bad habit. Im talking about myself k.. don't be sensitive yeah.

Omg, i've got myself so tanned! The swimwear lines are so noticeable. How am i going to wear bare-back dress on this coming saturday? I started swimming recently as i've cut down on my cardio activities, for the goodness of my knees. Not a bad thing though. I never knew swimming is this relaxing. The mind empties when u're in the water. Howver, the cleanliness of the water quite a big deal to me. How gross is it when u meet a miserable strand of 1-inched hair floating towards your face when u were breaststroking? I've no idea where it was from and i dont wish to know. Hrm, am thinking if i should just get an even tan on my back so that i wont look odd in the dress. everyone commented on me looking tan :( ouch ouch ouch!

-tanned peach-

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FC Wong said...

hi li sum,this is foocheong here.i found out ur blog from anand,and thought the name is extraordinarily long and interesting,so here i am.wish u all the best for the exam,hope we're done with it fast and WELL.till the,anticipating for ur nex blog!!!