Tuesday, October 9, 2007

blissfuL momento

Breathing a sigh of relief *phew* i've finally finished sitting for all six tests today which had been going on for two weeks. Total madness. Never in my student life i'd been so stressful, i can say quite comparable to my STPM time, as hectic. Even now, i'd still think STPM was tough. It was a nightmare and i dont wish to go through that again. Those were just tests and they'd hit me hard. Final exams are just less than 3 weeks away. My god, i really gotta hit the right button this time or else i wont be able to save the grades. it isn a good thing when u realized you've started to doubt your own intelligence. I feel sorry for myself for having the slightest thought to give up. i'd have to constantly remind myself that there's a reason me being in UM, though realistically it's not a big deal nowadays for getting in uni. Yet, to a certain extent, there's a qualification to be met upon the entry, right right? I just hope the motivation level doesnt decline further, otherwise..

Damn all these beautiful girls, they only wanna do you dirt, they'll you SUICIDAL,SUICIDAL.. lalaala..
Random ;p but it keeps playing in my head lately. Prefer Jojo's lyric better
lalaala.. off for manicure and mask now:) bliss..


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