Wednesday, July 4, 2007

=) farewell LI =( missing sis

Aah! Finally my LI is over. I have few days left to rest before the new term starts next week I have also done my report, wee~ Not submitted though. Will do tomorrow morning before going for the BASF. I’ve no idea yet about the whole event and I just know it is regarding kids, science and lab stuff. I am actually working part time for this 3days event, 5-7th July. Tomorrow is the training. I must at least work for a paid job this holiday since my LI company not paying me and I need to earn back at least the money that I’d spent traveling to the company. For the two months, I had spent at least, I think, 3-4 hundreds. anyway, today was my last day in the company although it wasn’t my working day. I don’t think I’ll visit there again anytime soon. I went there just to print out the report and got validation from my supervisor. Half of the day I was still doing the report. Worked late last night too. That was why I looked weary today. Need facial mask, I guess. Haven’t been doing it for some time. Such a bad habit for the skin, hrm. Probably tomorrow, I will. I know I should be sleeping by now. Need to get up early tomorrow. As early as 6.30am. But felt like dropping some stuff here, so it’ll be a quick one.
I miss sis. Guess what?! She got UM too! Instincts told me she would so it was right, haha! My all time, best companion. We could still go gym and do things together. I cant imagine she getting uni further than KL. I’d be miserably lonely although I still have my brothers, parents and a bunch of crazy friends around., still is different from having sis with me. She is just like another me. She’s the one that knows best of me. Sometimes, she seems to know what I’m thinking and we have mutual interests. Even when we don’t speak, we just know what we are going to say. Pretty scary though. I cant keep secrets from her then. She’d know all my evil plans, if i ever have.;p I don’t think I can meet anyone else that could understand me so well like she could, not even partners. Poor thing, she must be suffering in the orientation now. Few sleeping hours, unnecessary talks and stuff like that. It made me think of my orientation experience. I could only remember sleeping late and waking up early and did funny jingles in the middle of the night in front of other’s residential college. They had no better things to do, I’m sorry, this was how I felt. My sis wasn’t so lucky to get 12th. She got 9th and she wasn’t so happy when she first saw the rooms because she has stayed in 12th before. I brought her in to accompany me during my study break last sem when my roomie wasn’t in. She was studying for her STPM too. So both of us were working hard together and I’m so proud of her that she got 4.0 pointer in her STPM. She even appeared in the media. Felt like as though it was my achievement. Love ya’ sis! =D


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