Saturday, July 28, 2007

Home Alone

Everyone is going everywhere except for me. i am home alone here , searching materials for my theses proposal and also for my assignment wherelse all my housemates went to intern party and some went dinner out. i bet the home alone kid enjoyed it more than i do. random but anyway, i chose to blog when im stressed up, although it might be bored to read.
HELP! What's scientific literature? citation? reference? i am not allowed to cut & paste from the internet but where else can i get info from then..? The due dates are on the coming Monday and one on Tuesday. Is there a smarter way to cut & paste from net that is not noticeable? I basically wasted my time today , waiting for bus back to tiara. I could have get some stuff done. i have planned my time for the day nicely but got a bit out now. i have less than solid 6 hours to do my work.i could have gone home to see my parents and dearest siblings but i chose to stay in here to finish the stuff. no matter what, i still go to the gym(haha!) I was almost exploded when i couldnt catch the step moves in the step class today in the gym. The one step that i missed screwed the following moves, that was so frustrating. And sharing step board with a heavy body odor fella agitated me even more.Gosh!im sorry but that was so unbearable, could faint man! when the air brushes across u. I guess my hormone was imbalance in addition to the stress, poor fella. ANyway, i hope he would do something about it.
Aww, i wasted my time last night also. i went to dinner in Sakae Sushi, a jap restaurant(yeah,obviously).Oh And it was such an irony that i went there for chicken instead of its fresh,yummy scallops, ebis, crabs & salmons. So pathetic. This can be applied by the literal translated chinese saying; can see,cannot eat. My allergic histories, i dare not try a single bit. The teriyaki chicken tasted nice though;p i had tofu and fried vege also which tasted good too. A recommendation to dine in there! =) Now i wish to try the Delish,opening soon in Midvalley. Apparently it shares the same boss as the Delicious by Ms Read. They probably serve different dish. Delicious serves good food too.
This weekend...Oh! I am so broke. I went out with only 2bux in my purse. I need to save for a laptop backpack which ive been wanting for so long but has had no money allocated for it. I cant possibly carry the one-sided sling bag all around uni everytime. i need to carry it out more often this semester but it's just so heavy. My shoulder suffered. I wonder when will i be able to save that much of $$. I am now spending more as i'm staying out. I remembered when i stayed in hostel, sometimes i hardly use a single cent. i cooked for myself :) Instant food hehe. As a VPAF, i shall learn more on the ways to generate extra income. Not just for LC but also for myself, haha!

Guess i am feeling better now. Not so tensioned. Should go back to work.


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Trey~sK said...

hey gurl. haha. dun so tension lo.