Friday, July 13, 2007

Peace, finally

I am here in Tiara, alone, enjoying the peace and comfort while doing the paperwork for @. I am not trying to say that i dislike having my housemates around. i was saying finally i am able to sit at home in the afternoon doing all the things i want to do here such as listening to music, house chores and sitting down to plan my stuff. Some times u really need a minute or two to sit down quietly and plan your stuff well. Like i've mentioned, i moved in officially last Sunday and i hadn't been spending a single afternoon in this apartment. i left the apartment as early as 8.30am and came home around 12-1am. Only today i found the time to. i have no Friday classes. Went uni though to meet my lecturer regarding my theses and LI results but she didnt want to entertain any of us so wasted my energy and time. i could have slept more. Then i went gym and came back before 3pm. Since then i was here in front of my pc till now. and im having diarrhea =( Actually i could have gone home today but the wireless here is more convenient for me to do work. Missed home and mom's cook. Dont think so tomorrow will be able to go home also as the Dutchs are coming and we have to entertain them.
Well, all these are not significant events but then blogging them just so i could keep track of my daily routines. Reading them again in the future will be pretty entertaining, i think ;)

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