Monday, July 2, 2007

Another series of unfortunate event

Another series of unfortunate allergy attack. It happened again. It was on a Tuesday midnight /Wed morning when I was out celebrating friend’s birthday. We got her a chocolate ice-cream cake from Baker’s Cottage. I joined them after my workout in the gym and I did not eat anything before that, just a cup of hot honey milk in the cafĂ©. And I had the cake. We left not long after cutting and eating the cake to be home earlier as some of us had to work the next day and some got class. So it was past 12 am and I reached home before 1am. I had slight stomachache while I was on the way home and I didn’t suspect any allergic reaction at all. I thought I was clean, just a piece of cake and milk, will not do any harm. How sure was I ?! I got diarrhea once I got home and slowly I felt it coming. My eyes watery and swelling. Could feel the blood rushing in my face and then the nose running. I knew then my nasal passage would be blocked and not able to breathe through it. And so it was predicted right. I seemed to have familiarize with it now. Of course, I still feel scared and panicked. I was so afraid to wake up my parents coz I knew I’d get scolding definitely. They were disallowing me to go out again after coming back from gym which was already almost 10pm. I insisted to go because it was my friend’s birthday, my close friend. It was reasonable, wasn’t it? I even took my anti-histamine which I keep with me all the time but It was too late. I woke them up in the end as I knew I could not do anything else if I don’t get the drug. I was so guilty disturbing my parents’ sleep and worse, gave them another pain to worry. I was rushed to HUKM again and along the way, I was polished nicely by mom. She kept repeating, `if u had listened to me and stayed at home, this will not happen!’ the guilt topped up to my suffering. I could not reason back coz it indeed happened as a result of my disobeying. But..was I really wrong to just wanted to celebrate a friend’s birthday and I didn’t know that the cake could cause me allergy. How am I supposed to know that? I had cakes and was totally fine with them. My parents suspected that it probably not fresh and had been infected by germs.
In the hospital, I had another round of torture. I had needle poking and injection on my left and right hand at the same time. Left arm was injection and right hand was being poked and taken blood for test. The poking into my vein was so much pain as it was done by a non professional nurse. She poked few times and ordered me to grasp my knuckles so she could poke right into the vein, OMG that was horrible pain! The left arm jap was hurtful than the previous times. These nurses and doctors are , I’m sorry to say, not well-trained. If u think I am trying to downgrade them, I think u people should come and watch them work yourselves. The way they are working there are so unprofessional. They could laugh and joke and the ward was filled with noises none other than theirs. I know It doesn’t sound right to criticize on other’s working attitude but this is a business that I ,and everyone else ,should mind because it concerns people’s life! I thought it is a common understanding that doctors and nurses are supposed to keep their professionalism high at work. But I really doubt this bunch of people here. When I was pushed into the ward , I was being questioned by the nurses and a doctor, I assumed. There was a bunch of them and I wasn’t sure who was the doctor and who the nurse. I told them I just had a piece of cake and the scenario was like.. `moi, u makan kek apa?’ I replied ` choc cake’. ` kek mana ni? Secret recipe ke? Aiyoo, sayang la kalau iaya ni’ ` amoi tak untung la’ ( laughing) Isnt this hilarious?! Am I supposed to laugh at their joke or feel upset about their attitude? Although I was struggling to breathe through my mouth passage, my mind was still conscious of every single joke they made. Seriously I was really frustrated at that time. Oh and before I forget to mention, while I was staying on bed waiting for the drug to take its effect, I could see two of the so-called doctors were playing computer games on their desk, right opposite my bed! I could even hear the games beeping noises. So god-damn annoying! I am not making up all these. The scenario was totally different in this private hospital in Klang I’d been to during my previous attack. I could say they worked professionally, even the syringes poking wasn’t as hurtful as this time’s. However the medicinal and consultation cost of course is higher, much higher. But at least u feel safer and relieve being under their care. My dad asked the doctor whether they’d know about the test for the allergen and they replied they have no idea about that, sigh. I’ve urged dad to find out as soon as possible. I feel afraid to eat now after this incidence because I’d never expected cakes. I thought I’d be safe avoiding seafood in my meals. I felt really bad causing the worry on my parents. Dad could not go to work the next day. He was very tired after accompanying me in the hospital. I saw mom and dad slept on the hard, plastic chairs. I felt heartache causing them all these, not to mention the worry I gave. The only thing that I can do is to take good care of myself , but I know still, it would not lessen much of their worriesL

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