Saturday, June 16, 2007

Introducing Li Heart's new blog site..!!!

WELCOME to my new blog site! wee! :D
I will start blogging here, shifting myself from frenster's blog. There are always new stuff happening in life and so i think blogging is a good way to pen down memories,be it sweet or bitter. Sweet to savour the mind but bitter provides lesson to be learnt ( i Think..?am trying to think positive, trying ;p)

Yes, i am blogging here at work place, again. ANd yes today is Saturday and my boss's not around hence the freedom. But she will be free next week, so..will be busier then.
Going gym later and then shop for some formal clothings for Natcon. I need a pair of good shoes, a formal top and to send my blazer for dry cleaning. does anyone know where can i get dry cleaning service around sri petaling area? i urgently need to get it done before Thursday. i am leaving for Natcon to UTM on Thurs night. Will have to miss gym for 5 days.
By the way,tomorrow's Father's Day! Need to come up with something for my beloved daddy. Happy Father's Day, everyone!



Gen~Gen said...

apa ni?....1 post only?

Li_he@rt said...

i was busy merr