Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Semester

Day 2

IT was just 2nd day but it feels like it had been two months started sem. From last sunday till just now we had @ meetings that ended late at night. The next few days will also be coming home late. There were very tiring and came back with works to be done too. This is totally expected to be in the Board. This will be the best time for me to learn time management seriously. Studies, theses, AIESEC , gym, family and myself .By the way, i have officially moved in to Tiara, my rental apartment in ss17 which am staying with few friends. i have not really stay a whole day here in this new place since i'm practically leaving hse early in the morning and coming back late at night. More like a hotel to me , hrm..
Today i got a new planner to organise my schedule better. Yay! I was looking for a nicer one but too expensive for the design and quality for those that i've seen. This one here is a cheaaap one, to just have my things planned well so doesnt really matter. but i like having a nice one. It'll make u happier when planning things,i guess, for me yeah. probably i should include that in my next semester's stationary list:)
Classes are so far so good, i think. i thought to extend my credit hours to 23hrs but was too late to register and they disallow manual reg, too bad then. i thought to make my next sem free for my theses writing. i'd also be having a gymrama lesson this sem. should be interesting i guess. 830am tmw.. gtg


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