Tuesday, July 10, 2007

BASF Fun Xperience

It was a really fun and interesting event. We conducted experiments with the school kids in the first two days and they came from rural schools which mostly were the Std 4-6 children. Some of them were pretty intelligent and some were not so clear of what they did. However, the most important thing was they all had fun and they learnt something new. Frankly speaking, even i myself have not heard of some of the experiments before. Of course cant forget those cute ones as well as those nasty ones. i was conducting an experiment which we called 'superabsorber' where it was a chemical material that can absorb water very well and yet does not leaks when we squeezed. it is applied in baby diapers. It was very simple demostration and also was using the diapers. Some of the kids were shy seeing pampers and they went..'ee..yer...' When they finally knew what turned out in the end, they were impressed and the impressed looks they made were so fun to watch. We were also being provided food, catered food. The first meal on our training day got us all food poising and most of us got diarrhea. It occured to me at 4am and i thought another allergy attck but fortunately it wasnt. thank god. i was so paranoid coz the last time i had recently was started off with diarrhea. The next day we went for our Day1, we found out quite a number of us got as well. So i wasnt the only one hence the suspect on the lunch the day before. we all got paranoia eating the food provided the days after but gladly there were fine then. Day 3 at work for us was challenging as the kids were as young as 3 yrs old. A 3yrs kid did experiment! Of course was guided by parents and us. Some were just too hyper but was so enjoyable. i felt like being in YV =) Besides that, the kids were given sort of like an evaluation sticker to write on about anything they like and pasted on the boards we provided. Some of them wrote that they like us in particular our names, in their sticker. i had a few =p i felt so touched when reading that,awww.. Anyway, we, facis also had a lot of fun among ourselves too. i would say this was the most enjoyable event job that i worked for. You get paid for having fun haha! tiring though. coz we needed to bend most of the time to talk to the kids as they are all short and tiny. Backached ;p BASF really did a great thing for these children. COngratulations!
Couldnt upload some nice pics taken on the event today. Maybe later:)

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