Wednesday, July 4, 2007

BASF Training session

Okay..this will be a quick one. My bro is waiting for me to watch heroes together and it's getting late now. i have to wake up extra early tomorow for the BASF event. i went for the training session today in National Science Center from 9am to 3 something. Just found out that BASF is actually a chemical company, very huge and establised in fact. They supply chemical substances such as styrofoam, paints, plastics and such to manufacturers to make the end consumer products. This event is actually a kids' lab event where the BASF is actually organising it to introduce fun in chemistry to school childern to develop the interest and sort of tickle their fancy. It is an event held by the chemical company as a way to position their company to the society. The sch kids are mostly from rural area and we were told that some can be as young as 3-4 years old. Our job description, to teach/guide them in performing the few lab experiments that are set by the company. Even i,myself learnt something new today. We were taught about the experiments and had a hands on practice so that it'll be easier tomorrow. We are the fascillitator and supposed to teach the kids to do in proper way and encourage them to be inquisitive. Show to them thewonders of science and how we needed them in our daily routines. We will have interactive sessions with the kids. i think it's gonna be fun. The briefing about the job sounds exciting and i'm looking frward to it. it feels like Young Visionaries again :)
Alright, catching heroes!

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