Wednesday, August 12, 2009

LS turning 24

It's the month of August, my birthday month! :D Food, lotsa cakes (4!), lotsa ice-cream and presie, sweet!. Dinner @ Jogoya was not bad, pigged out on the ice-creams *slurrps* The eating time was rather short though. Had always wanted to try all this while. Was fun to watch Baby enjoying the food. He didnt even have time to layan me ;p
Met up with uni and high sch friends too. A supposed to be surprise tak jadi ;p I must say my planning was better than Baby's. It was enjoyable though ;)
Love the handbag ;) but I felt rather sad that he had to spend so much on me :x

LS --> 24?!! Oh man!


Tomorrow is Baby's convocation day. I'll be on leave and will go with him to pick up his Mom in the airport. yeay, a good chance for me to R&R a little after weeks of AC, scoring, AC and scoring again. haven't finish scoring though but I really need a break.

IC 09 is starting, will not be seeing him for the next few weeks. So near yet so far..

Now, sleep or score..???

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