Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dealing with change

Sitting at home and listening to some music. Some time to chill out, had been really busy for the past one month plus. Baby is not around for 2 weeks, I'm so bored.

Was shocked after receiving 3 pieces of news in the office yesterday. Two of my colleagues will be leaving in September. Felt kinda sad hearing that. Another change will be the no-go with the merging plan which was supposed to take place effect in Oct. I felt somewhat glad with this one. when the news of merging came about, I wasn't very receptive though externally I appeared ok. Nonetheless, I kept telling myself to look at a bigger picture and should embrace what comes about, it's life. After I had been psyching myself for so long, I thought it was gonna happen, or rather I took it as we had merged. Technically we were. Hearing this now somehow gave me a feeling of relief. I could sound selfish thinking this way, but I was pretty sure there are some people who felt the same way. Anyway, we are back to our normal self. Things still go on well and we did not lose that much. Though, I felt really sorry for Nat-nat who had suffered unnecessary pressure due to that. I agree with her that this is a good lesson for all of us. Open communication is really important. if we had communicated enough...
Well, I believe everything happens for a reason. There must be a good one behind all these. Perhaps something better is coming our way :) Really, being here has brought me from a person who loves to see the negative side of things to a more positive me now. I'm really glad :)

I love to reflect. It makes me see how much I've grown and it makes happy realising good improvements in myself. I'm thankful being in the environment I am now and with some great people around me, I feel blessed. Mhmmmmm...I really really miss my baby :(

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