Thursday, August 20, 2009


I had never felt this humiliated ever in my life before! I was almost being screamed in the public and it made looked as if i was a difficult and inconsiderate patient. I went to consult a doctor last Sat and was prescribed an antibiotic. I took and caused me purging a day after taking it and it went on for 2 and half days! And I had to visit the toilet for as many as 6-7x a day. For 2 days and more! I started to suspect the cause was due to the medicine and so i went on the net to check. I learn that some antibiotics could cause diarrhea in some people and it's some form of allergy. Immediately I called up the medical centre to ask and I was told to go back to check. I stopped consuming after I found out and I was worried of the side effects as I understood that antibiotic course must be completed. The reason being, your body will developed the immunity towards the specific virus/bacteria triggered by the antibiotic for the virus/bacteria. If you do not complete the prescribed course of antibiotic, the immunity will not be developed fully and if there is recurrence, the medicine will not help.

I was charged for trying to find out about the medicine which i thought was unfair. Why was being charged when they gave me the problem in the first place? I was only there to resolve. The nurse insisted for me to pay and I was made to look like someone who was unwilling to pay for using their service. I hadnt complain about them prescribing without giving me full information and I was already made to look this way! I insisted and tried to reason but it was unheard. It became heated and I couldnt take it and I raised my voice too, showing my dissatisfaction. Everybody was looking at me. At that instant, I felt so disgraced and wanted to leave and hide. So I told her, fine I will pay but I am not satisfied with the serivce here. It is really poor, I exclaimed. Finally, she said, fine just go. It was as if I was shooed. She said that she hasnt seen a difficult patient like me who did not want to pay for the service I used. I was so so humiliated!!!!

I left and broke into tears outside the building. My parents arrived and saw me crying alone and wondered what was wrong. Only after that, she said she thought I was robbed or something. After I told them about the incident, my mom wanted to rush in to give a piece of her mind to the nurse. I had to stop her and she insisted to run in. I had to scream my head off to stop her and told her we should just leave. There is no point and it would just make it uglier.

I was very upset and angry. I couldn't believe I'd be involved in such heated argument in the public. Nobody would ever imagine me being in such a situation given my nature. I was surprised myself..

:( I wished he was here

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