Sunday, August 30, 2009

Merdeka, yay PH!

It's end of August, the Merdeka day and a public hol, yoohoo! I'm working on a long weekend though. Not so excited after all... Oooo I can hear fireworks outside, 5mins past 12.

What I'm gonna do tomorrow? Getting a hair cut and see what else I can do with my hair. My crown that makes me look like a crazy woman. I wish to get it permed again but not too sure if it's best to be done now, considering its condition. Hrmmm... Plus, my hair thinning problem is getting on me now. It's not gonna help if I do more harm to it, but what I can't take this either. If hunn was here, he'd probably say NO NEED! You look beautiful the way you are ;) He always charm me with his words :) And I know he means every single word he says.
Yeah but I need to listen to my heart as well. Hmm hmm should I or should I not??? Ok, i'll leave it to my hair dresser to advise me ;) Hehee.. (who ofcourse will agree with me!) Well, the thing that I like about my hair dresser is that he is not overtly profit-oriented, like most hair dressers do, he would give the best advise depending on the condition. I believe so.
I have this stupid habit - to pull my hair when I'm thinking/reading, basically when my hand is free. The hair drops even more! I really need to kick myself for doing that but sometimes I couldnt help it. Sometimes I did it subconsciously and someone had to tell me off. My colleagues noticed that. Hmm someone gotta tie my hands when they're free :( Bad bad habit.

Lately I couldnt sleep too well. Took a while to fall asleep. Sometimes it seemed like my mind was awake but I was physically sleeping. I can't describe, I felt so drained up the next day. Yikes!

Sis just told me she's only coming back on 26th Oct. She's extending her stay in Redang to join in a diving project. happy for her but means that we're seeing her later. So nice to have someone to buy her the air tix but hrm, why so nice of him..?

Not tired but I should try sleeping. My mind is kinda disoriented now.
Anyway, glad that it's a Pub Hol tomorrow! :)


Pruedence Pung said...

Happy Merdeka :))
Eh, he is just a friend of mine.
you think too much! :P

LiSum said...

Oh yeah ke???
I didnt need to think ;)