Friday, July 31, 2009

I Love August

Here comes August! I love August....!!! :D
July passed by moderately fast although it was super busy month. Worked and worked non-stop. hadn't been to the gym for 2 weeks plus, no! My life is only revolving around work, gym, home, and my baby:) This month was almost out of of touch with friends. I still am enjoying my work though. It was nice when we all travelled to SG and Bintan together. and few of us to Penang together, was enjoyable. although it was for work. still lots to do, need to continue staying up late tonight..

The last day of the month usually ends with exciting feelling, welcoming the new month - new beginning (again!) but today was one of the suckiest day. I could not forgive myself for the mistake i'd done. It could have been avoided if...i dont't know. It just could. arh.. I really hate myself for taking things so seriously..toooo overly serious..I couldnt help it to not think about it. And i hate for being a crying baby. It just doesn't contain! And i ended up looking so ugly:(
At times like this, all i need is just a warm cozy hug and someone to say, "dont worry, it'll be ok". And it was as if it has been heard. Came 2 wonderful people that sort of lifted me up and it was unexpected at all. I couldnt be any happier. They were simply heaven-sent. One being the person I admire and look up to while another one being the person I love the most. My baby is the sweetest baby in the world and i know for sure he'll be there for me, i could not ask for more :) ..I just mentioned, it doesn't contain!

Looking forward to Sunday. Flying off to Penang and coming back on Thurs.
Now, back to work, work, work. Yeay, it's August already! :D It's MY month :D

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