Friday, June 26, 2009

July,July,July :)

Back at home. Self-quarantine :( Was supposed to be in the gym, shop at MNG and to ruben's but am just so tired that i needed to come home after work. I guess the internal battling had used up my energy. I hope the antibody has built up by now. Went for a flu vaccinatin yesterday and my parents beleived that was the swine flu vaccination *hmm*. Vaccination is injection of the viral strain and cause the body to produce natural antibody as the strain reacts in the body. Thus boosting the immunity of our body. Will rest early tonight and hopefully the energy recovers tomorrow. I need to work out! Shucks, i think i've become an exercisoholic. I just won't feel right if I don't and worried that I'll put on soon. I know this isn't healthy and it's not like I'm FAT but...I really get depressed if i do so i'm trying all my best to avoid that. Yet i love food. To top it up, the sweet and sinful ones are the most I consume. Anyways...the chances to maintain is still there as long as I'm diligent enough to attend the gym plus watching the diet.

Today was a big day for us in the office. it was the day for us to find out about the project status. Guess what, we WON!!!! which means it's gonna be busy busy July! :D So exciting! Yup, lotsa work and late night work. Not sure abt our away day though. As much as I'm looking forward to it, I'm exciting abt the project as well. Would be awesome if we could squeeze them all in this month. Not to forget about other projects. Wee! so glad to be part of this amazing team:)

Was also thinking of picking up some dancing skills but looks like it'll take me sometime to start realising them. Was thinking to start looking for a good and reasonable-priced belly dancing lesson. Am keen to learn the moves. I've always love to watch people dance so gracefully and wish myself to be as good as that or at least knowing the basic moves ;) have been to some classess but they weren't the thorough teaching ones so didn't learn in a proper manner. oh and Im actually keen on learning salsa too. Need a partner to go with as companion and motivater as well but... no actionyet :(

People. Characteristic. Behaviour. Attitude. Courtesy
As much as I'm trying to understand people's behaviour, adapt and tolerating others, sometimes there are instances that are kinda frustrating and you'll think that is too much, that you can't take it anymore. Well, I found that myself is not very keen on tolerating ppl with too strong character. Strong here meaning someone who typically is dominating, assertive, less likely listen to others and always trying to push his/her believe/views and thinking that other's are not right. Someone who will always say that "No, this is not right, How can?!, Aiya bullshit la, I think ar..., ahhh it's just kinda painful to my ears. Often, i'd be not infavor to talk when that happens. Sometimes arguing it back makes me feel better but I dont always do because i'd be so put off. If we don't argue back our views, w are actually allowing the dominance even more. I wish I could say things like " hey com'on la, it's not always what you say is right. But i must get my facts rigth before I do. Sometimes, i think ppl can be a little more pleasant to at least be a bit softer in their approach in giving their opinion. Oh and one more thing that i hate is people with super high egoism. If not super, high. I think they are annoying. Ego=overly high confidence. Too high that it could reach the sky. These type of ppl can lose faith but never 'face'.
Sounds like I hate so many ppl. Well, no actually. I'm just saying as I think. Imagine one person to display these characteristics, can be so sickening. No, i'm not a hater, just some encounter with unpleasant people that made me realise the kind of character in ppl that can really put me off. In these instances, i'll jsut go with my 'whatever' attitude.

it's Saturday tomorrow. Likely to be out whole day:) ooo ooo gotta rest soon. Hopefully I'll get good sleep tonight...

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