Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wow wow wow

WoUu! It felt like I was jsut being slapped on the face. Just found out about an ex-school mate of mine is now a Manager in a huge japan based company! At the age of 23! That was amazingly fast! What am I doing here?!! No, no I didn't mean it's impossible but to reach to that level especially in big companies, you need experience apart from the required competencies. Well we could say that she started earlier when the rest of us just entered uni and hence moved up faster, but i seriously didn't think that was it. I don't know her very well but I definately know how intelligent she is and her strong personality has absolutely played a big part to lead to her position now. She is someone that most people would aspire to be. Seriously amazing!
And this bit of the story tells that, really, nothing is impossible. I was wow-ing non-stop looking at the video and photos. What an inspiring news! :)

I must really look into building my base stronger and work things doubly hard now. Heheh Kiasu kiasu. No, but i really felt inspired! :D Hmm hmm speaking of which, there is a whole new set of challenges at work laying ahead of me now. The whole merging and aquisition plan is about to roll out, actually submerging now.. Induction into the new culture and education about the new co have already started a fair bit. I have mixed feelings now. Both excited and melancholic. Excited about the opportunities and at the same time, fear of losing the closeness and our culture. Currently, the culture at our workplace is very open, with lots of personal touch and it is one of the very few companies that truly truly value its people. Our boss has done so well to groom us, giving the right exposure and sufficient amount of attention to EVERYBODY! every single person in the office and very few bosses will ever do this, pretty sure. In here, it is so open that we say what we want to say and there is no pretention at all. No politics, no nonsense. maybe jsut some heated discussion sometimes but we make up to each other after that.
I keep telling myself now, "Hey girl, grow up!" I guess it's time that we grow out of our comfort shell and face the next challenge. It feels like emerging from childhood into adulthood. Everybody would wish to remain in their kiddohood forever, if given a choice. Coz it's happy and stress-free. All you do is eat-play-eat-play-eat-sleep :) So comfortable and you always have your parents to support all the time. Exactly the same feeling I have at this current stage. So comfy, happy, well-supported, cared for and loved. Of course there are stressful moments but we manage them well, at least i think. So's time to grow. I suppose there will be no drastic change for us for at least till end of 09. But realising the fact that in future future, I may not be working directly under Nat, is kinda upsetting.
What I fear of is to be in a company that treats employee as solely the battle soldiers whom they care for the soldiers to bring in profit and more profits. They would value you but mainly for your skills (coz that will bring them $$$). Silly me. No, no, I'm not saying this organisation we're going in is gonna be like this. NO! and NO WAY too! That's just my silly fear. I do trust Nat in her decision and that she knows what's best for us. I'm sure it's gonna be good :)

Mmm haven't heard from my baby yet..better check on him. Nitessssssssss :D

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