Sunday, October 25, 2009

ups and downs

26th October. I could still reminisce the farewell morning at the Subang airport 6 months ago. Sending sis away. I still remember my hot tears rolling down my cheeks on my way home from the airport. I am very bad at farewell. Yeay, She's coming back, TOMORROW!!! Time flies so fast. Glad that she enjoyed herself there :) Looking forward to tomorrow night!

27Oct - Dad's birthday. I gave him the watch today. Too bad there was no surprise, Mom has shown him before. We will go for a dinner in the weekend :) with sis and bro around. To the famous and yummy pork leg restaurant.

I start to feel depressed whenever thinking about my hair loss. I felt like I have lost half of the amount I used to have. It's so,so,so upsetting. And I dont know how to control it. Everytime as I wash my hair, there'll be a ball of hair clumped together on the bathroom floor. Can you imagine they drop so fast but growth is so slow? It feels almost hopeless thinking of this. I have started using mild shampoo, hair loss lotion and wash very thoroughly each time. I even shampoo twice at one time. I dont know what else to do. I even had it trimmed shorter.
Yun Nam? Svenson? They are so expensive and not guaranteed. Sigh :(

Not just my hair giving me stress, my knees too. I recently went to consult a chiropractic doc and found that I am flat-footed which have somewhat affected the way my feet move and make the knees more prone to damage. I was advised to wear the orthontics, whenever I have my feet moving on the ground. They were so pricey but I would rather treat with this than needling. The orthontics are said to align my feet and the bone/nerve and give the right support when I walk. Hopefully they really work.

I', such a troublesome girl. I'm only 24 ;(

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