Friday, January 1, 2010

It's 01-01-10 today!

Happy New Year! It's 2010 now! Wowiee! :D

Just had my dinner. Chilling in the peaceful living hall trying to put down some thoughts and memories of year 2009 in words. Would be a memorable piece of story for my reading 10 years down the road.

Year 2009 has been a great year to me. It was a year of discovery and learning. The most significant thing that took place this year was me stepping into the working world. I've been a year and 2 months in my job as a HR Consultant and everyday was a new day for me. Technically speaking, I started this job in May 08 as an intern and only officially joined in Nov 08. One of the role that I play in this job is assessing people. Assessing people if they are the right fit for a particular position. I have been assessing myself while I did on others. Through this, I actually discovered a lot about myself - my positive attributes as well as the not so positive ones. I became more aware and pushed myself to build those areas I lacked. Besides that, I have a fantastic mentor at work and I'd say she is the most amazing boss and person I know. She taught me a lot and is constantly developing me in every way that she could. She does the same for the rest of us in the company. She is awesome! :)

So yes, I had great experience at work and I enjoyed doing what I was doing. 2009 with family was also good. I managed to organise a small family trip to Penang during the CNY break. I was glad to see everyone enjoyed themselves. My parents deserved a break. I couldnt afford overseas trip yet but I really wish to bring them all to some place nice outside the country one day. Meanwhile, we could probably do a Cameron trip this year??? ;)

2009 with my Baby was awesome. Baby finally graduated and started a temporary job while waiting for his application with a tele company to go through. It would be somewhere in Feb this year. Baby moved into the same apartment that I'm currently living in and we've been seeing each other almost every day! :) I also travelled to Penang more often. We went back almost once a month. I enjoyed every trip back, they were so relaxing. It was almost like an escapade, away from the busy KL. Another significant event this year was that I ate a lot more compared to the previous years. It was becasue of him! ;) We both love to eat and I enjoyed the buffets we went and the food in Penang. That was why I had to work out harder in the gym to maintain my body. Otherwise I could not imagine...

Last night, we made a NY resolution together. We will spend our time doing more reading this year. He suggested we spend the night time in the weekdays to read some books. I love the idea! :) I've always wanted to kick start the habit again. Left it after Form 6. We've also made a resolution to save more money so that we can go for travelling together. Eeee I can't wait till that day!!! (I know you're ON it babeh! ;p)

2009 and my health wasnt so good. I suffered from knee pain and hair loss. My knee pain was caused by my intense work out in the gym and the lack of stretching. The muscles on my thighs have tighten and shrunk. Once it shrunk, the thigh muscle actually shortened and eventually pulled the knee cap upwards. This then caused the aching when there was strenous leg movements. I reduced my work out intensity a lot. I had to sacrifice step, one of my favourite activity in the gym. I had completely stopped. I also stopped running :( It was quite depressing as I could only do light activities which did not help to burn the calories. I ate the same quantity of food daily and the amount of exercise was cut down so much. I was worried that I'd put on weight. I did put on 1-2 kgs but thankfully it was manageable. For treatment, I consulted a chiropractor. He is Dr Green who owns this small centre in Brickfields. Apparently he was known to cure many people and in fact, a lot of the gym freaks know about him. I found out that most gym frequenters actually suffer from some muscle/bone problems after being too active in the gym. I was then thinking perhaps one should start a gym routine at all coz as you do, you'd risk yourself more than anyone. Almost everybody I know in the gym have some kind of pain somewhere. Isn't it a sad fact? Aren't we supposed to be healthier? back to the doc, I went for some needling treatment on my thighs. It was the most horrible pain I'd ever felt. I know I may sound a little exaggerating. Perhaps it was my low threshold that exaggerated the pain. I was literally screaming and crying in pain in the doc's room. I couldnt stop crying even after it was done. Yes, I might have looked like a crying baby but you have no idea how it felt. And I thought it was also becasue I was caught totally off guard. Dr Green didnt explain to me beforehand and just told me to lie down. Then he said he was going to put the needle into my thigh. I was like.."WTF??" He started off by poking the needle (it was thicker than the acupunture needles!) and then wiggled and wiggled. Argh! The thought of it makes me shudder. I dreaded the second treatment which was only 2 weeks after the first. I wanted to call it off until the last minute I braved myself for a second try. When I was there, I was told to meet his wife instead. I breathed a huge relieve hearing that because she doesnt use needlees. She mainly do it in a massaging way. The second treatment went fine, not much pain involved. She basically used her strong thumbs to press on the trigger points to unblock the blocked capillaries and improved the blood circulation. She taught me some exercise movements to strenthen my inner thigh muscle so that I didnt need to put too much pressure on my outer thigh muscle. I was also advised to strecth my thighs (by pulling one side of your leg backwards where your heels are supposed to touch your buttock) as often as I could throughout the day. I was also made to buy a pair of orthondics sole and another pair of orthontics slipper. They wer not cheap!! The soles were supposed to give the arch support for my feet and align the leg bones. I also discovered that I was flat-footed! According to him and I also did some research through the internet, it is common. Basically our feet have little arch compared to normal feet and hence the name. People like us are not supposed to run because heavy leg movements (without the arch support) will hurt our bones, muscles and nerves. So after the second treatment, I actually felt better when I walked up and down the stairs.
My hair loss problem is more depressing to me. I couldnt find a proper treatment with reasonable cost. Places like Svenson, Yun Nam and what not would cost me a bomb and they are not guaranteed for success. Sigh... It really was stressful to find lumps of hair each time I washed them. It still is... I've been trying the tonics and hair loss shampoo. I'm not sure if they'll work. i feel kinda hopeless.. :(

Anyhow, that was my 2009 in a nutshell. I hope this year will be a good good year. I wish for a better health for everyone and all to have good year ahead.

Happy 2010! :)


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