Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm such an 'F'!

On a Tuesday morning, the first working day of the week, it started off so gloomy. Cold and dark. It affected the mood so much. I felt as though I was alone. Although I have my 'new' hair but i didn't feel so excited. I would usually be excited using or having something new. Being the 'F' that I am, weather does affect my mood. Plus I think I am extroverted F. It does help to understand people and myself better by knowing the types. And being the 'I' with my affected mood today, I became the extreme 'I'. Totally not in the mood to say things and responded only for the sake of responding and out of courtesy. I just learnt something new today, well actually not new but I didnt really take note of this earlier, that a person would act the total opposite of his/her own type but in a poor condition when the person is being put under depression. For example, an ISFJ would behave like an ENTP but at its worst when he/she lost the grip. Meaning to say, the J who always is so organised and structured would be a P who does things in a super unstructured and messy way (they are unorganised as it is) when the J is stressed out. An original P is someone who can adapt quickly to changes and are flexible. They can be unorganised in their communication, flow of thoughts and even in their decisions but that's the way they are. They can say 10 million things but may not all be formalised. So, you can imagine a stressed J to behave like a P but in a total messy manner.

Sometimes it's quite fun to type others especially people around me. I think my sis is an INTP, not too sure about the 'N' and 'T' but I'm very sure about the 'I' and somewhat certain about the 'P'. Why a P? Coz she is an unorganised person and her things are everywhere in the room! Wait till she gets home, the room basically is loaded with her stuff. and worst thing is, they're all over the place! And it gets on me all the time. Well, having said that, the best thing about Ps is that, even though they are all over the place, they know where to find their stuff. Isn't that amazing?! Another good indication of a P person is their desktop or inbox. Ps tend to leave their mails unchecked in the inbox and their desktop is filled with folders all over the screen. Man, she would glare at me if she was here ee..scary berry!*shiver* ;P

My mom is definately a P!! No doubt about it! Look at her room and kitchen. A confirmed and true P! I guess my first bro is a P too. I suppose my dad, my youngest bro and myself are Js in the family. My dad cleans up my mom's mess in the kitchen every time after her cooking. So J.
Indications of a J person are - you can find they are generally neat, organised in the way they keep things and dressed up, some even go to the extremes of color or pattern matching. SJ men tend to dress up well and some even with matching ties. Really! Besides that, J CANNOT leave their mails sitting unchecked in the inbox. They either be read or clicked at even though they are not read yet, just so they don't look like unchecked! You can also find their desktops are very much tidier with folders that are named appropriately and nicely organised. In J speech pattern, they normally speak in a clear and structured manner to the extent that you can almost predict what will be said next. Js typically conclude their speech while Ps tend to leave it open. If a true J speaks, it normally would go like, "this is so and so, that is so and so and THEREFORE it is such. This is the typical speech pattern of a true J. A typical P would say things like, " yeah, we can do this. we can also that. Oh, that one is also good" and they tend to leave it open like that. But a J would usually conclude by saying, "Yeah, all sounds good but we should be doing this.'
However, there is no good or bad for a certain type. A J may be very structured but because of the favour for structures, they tend to adapt rather slowly to changes and may stumble if not handled well. On the other hand, a P who is always open for possibilites is more adept to changes and they may fare better than J in such situations.

See, the MBTI type is fun and it's a good knowledge to have to help us understand people better. Now that I know my Mom is a P and she is being herself, I can't be too upset about her disorganised behaviour. So is my sis, I can't scream at her too often for leaving her stuff everywhere in the room. (hmm but she can't take it for granted though!) Nevertheless, they need to learn to keep things at least in place, if not neater. Just as I need to learn to flex better. :) Cool right?

Hmm how did this topic started??

Oh yeah, my F. Oh it's super extraverted now. Would tomorrow be less gloomy? :s I should probably go to bed soon. I has comfy bed :)

It feels lot better now :)

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