Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm gonna miss you dearie

Sis is leaving tomorrow and bro is merajuk-ing.. :( And i've been feeling unwell since afternoon. I think i'm gonna go to bed soon. Plus, waking up early tomorrow to the airport. I know i won't be able to hold tears when I'm there. She'll be away for 5-6months, kinda long. The last time I sent off to NS in S'wak, i managed to keep my tears but, it felt horrible and took so much energy to do that. I remembered I cried alone in the room for about 30mins when i got home. Shucks, i can feel my cheecks are warm now... Bidding farewell is always very hard for me, especially to people whom I love much Sigh, i always end up looking so embarrased :x

Hopefully the pizza and chicky stick have at least digested partially before I sleep. I know someone will be able to cheer me up later :) Ahh ..I can't let her see me now..

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