Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fatigue and weird achings

I feel very tired lately. Almost every day i woke up feeling tired. Mom commented I look pale. Could it be my sleeping pattern? Or my diet? Or exercise?
Only yesterday i had this minor aching on my chest. I thought it was muscle ache. Strange.. Colleagues said it could be wind. And i took 'garlic water', oh yikes! Well the aching really went off the next day. I woke up with it still but only gone in the noon. Just as I was relieved, I'm now feeling ache on my back and tummy's a little pain. Feels like wind. Maybe I am worrying too much...
Hmm, I guess I must do something about me looking pale. I agree to the comments too. Actually not just by my mom only, colleagues and some friends thought so too. I guess could be my diet. Perhaps there be more regular veggie consumption.

All I ever want is a healthy body as well as for everyone else! I hope I don't get overly stressed with these. Workloads already giving me much of that.


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