Thursday, April 9, 2009

~La la la

Just passed busy period. More yet to come in this month. In this few months at work, I have actually learnt quite a fair bit of new things and discovered some areas that I like and dislike as well as my strengths and weaknessess. I enjoy being where I am and doing things I do. It's also mainly the people here that has helped enhancing my learning cycle. Guess my maturity level has gone up a level. No more little girl. But well I still have colleague calling me the baby of the team being the youngest. Oh, I have a new colleague today and she is as young. The title will pass on to her :) My interest in this field has grown more and I'm really glad. Although there are time when there's the need to deal with things not of my liking, it does not hinder. The people that I met here are absolutely incredible and different in their own ways which make work a pleasure. And also, through my colleague I found another passion! I found my liking for puppy!! :D Not any pups, only Yorkshire! Sadly, I am unable to keep it, yet :(

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Pruedence Pung said...

waah..can blog.meaning its free la.LOL ;P
Yorkshire.Wait til you married only can have one.Waaakaa.