Thursday, May 28, 2009

Exciting May ;D

Darn, here i am munching on my Snickers bar. That 30mins jog just wasnt enough.
It's the end of May, so fast. Remembered I was anticipating it so much :D It has been an amazing month overall. Happy happy :D

Work, has been quite quiet but will definitely pick up in June. Still has many internal things to do. Boss is super-duper awesome. I was wordless seeing her expressions, totally candid! I'm so happy I actually enjoy work. The work and the people are great. Sounds like there are new challenges and opportunities ahead, so exciting! Man, i am so glad i left lab. I'd have no idea what i'd go through. Next week is our team meet and there are some activities lined up for us. Ooo so exciting! :D

Family, hmm sis is away, missing her :( Glad to hear that she had some fun there, at least. Pity her, basically she has ntg much to do after dinner and mostly sleep till the next morning. Ooo she said there are sheeps in the island! How interesting! But they're dirty ;p Baa baa black sheep?! Everyone else is good. Was so mad at my brother last night, such an irresponsible spoilt kid! He swept the broken glass, not to the dustpan but to the side of the floor!!! and he ignored me completely when i sounded him!! AH! Must really give him a good lesson one day!

Lovie dovie, May's a special month, it's my baby's birthday month! :) He's 24 now! May not look/act like one, can be quite a baby sometimes :) I had these brithday surprises all planned out and they took off so well, at least I think they did! :D He was really happy and I was even more happier seeing him *big big smile* I got him a really beautiful jacket and it looks sooo goood on him! We had a romantic dinner on his bday eve in a place called the COurtyard's Garden in Jln Dungun. The ambience was lovely and there were few tables and it was just nice for us. There was a band playing that night and so happened they were there. cos they fit in jsut nice in my plan to surprise him. I could see him looking shy when we all sang the bday song ;D Other than that, the food was so-so. I must say the dessert wasn't that good. I hope it was a memorable night for him as it was for me:) We also had an enjoyable time in the Brussels Cafe on the day of his bday with some of our friends there to surprise him. We got him blindfolded and was guided to walk all the way to the cafe ;p Silly but funny ;p Following from that gathering we have now started a monthly gathering with our uni friends. We had our first dinner in Italiannies in The Curve, was great!:) And we gonna do it every first saturday of the month.
Oh, baby is moving to his new place, which is...just in the same building i'm living now! this is so exciting! We spent a weekend to clean and move things. He wasn't so happy though. Worse, he said he felt stressed coming to his place :( Poor baby, I felt upset seeing him in that and couldn't help much. Hopefully, with the mat in place, he wouldn't feel so uncomfortable. Hmm how to make it more homier? Maybe curtain would help ;) or maybe with lots of my photos around??? Yeay! and he invited me to join him to pg next weekend! So looking forward to that! :D

Body, lost some weight ;) but the Snicker and dumpling had just kill me. Watching my diet more closely now. Well, research has shown that most women tend to put on weight when they reach 25 due to the lower metabolism as we age. So yeah. Happy on one end, sad at the other. Just realised my hair dropping is getting worse now and it's slightly noticeable *double :(* I used to have really THICK hair and now it's almost twice less than that. You have no idea how much hair u'd see on the bathroom floor after my shower. Mom has been sounding me. You always don't eat rice, sleep late, never take "bou" food etc etc... If this is in the blood, it'd be pretty hard to cure. Both Mom and sis suffer from this too :( SO silly, my hair used to be so thick that i had once wished I had thinner hair and I was so arrogantly thinking that hair dropping was fine as I could afford to. must always be careful of what you wish for!!! Nonetheless, there is still some hope. I shall try taking some zinc and/or folic acid supplements. How could i forget what I learnt in my Biochem classess! Some Ppl always say to me that it is such a waste that you don't work in your field of study but you see knowledge is never a waste. Even though you don't practice doesn't mean it's gonna be useless! They just don't see my point! Anyway.. Now I should conssider if I'd need to seek a physician first before consuming them..? Hmm hmm

Shall sleep soon. Looking forward to June!!! Wee! Hopefully more more good times coming my way! :)

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