Sunday, February 1, 2009

Joyful CNY :)

It's already the 7th day. Happy Birthday to me and everybody! ;D
I missed the usual gatherings with friends :( Everyone is everywhere this year. No extra ang pows and no gamblings. It is, nevertheless, enjoyable and fun. This CNY is different. It was our first time travelling to Kedah for CNY visit. Had a good one week holiday with family. The time spent was really nice. The last family trip was 7 years back, i think?... Eee too long till I can't even remember well. Had been a while since I last saw dad so relaxed and happy :) He missed having family trips too. So glad to see all so happy and enjoying themselves. My silly cute brothers had their good time in the pool and Yummy Yummy food in Penang. Mom was happy to be home and seeing her relatives. My sis had good time snacking. Tsk tsk makan aje! Haha i know she'll beat me after seeing this ;p And I ate a lot too :/ Started my workout routine today. Low stamina, tsk..even elder ladies are stronger :/
I hope next year's CNY will be as fun or fun-er ;) But somehow the ang pows seem to get lesser and lesser each year. Supposed to be more this year with those from my newly-wed cousin and his wifey and Mom's relatives.? Strange. Maybe these amount appear smaller to me as I grow older.?
Glad tomorrow's a PH. I've got some work to do at home though. And lotsa snacks to clear at home..Oh Oh! :O

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Gen~Gen said...

time to clear the snack..mmm oink oink :P