Sunday, February 3, 2008

Once upon a time...

This is a story about a girl and her Mom. This girl,once upon a time, was a rebellious daughter and never had a loving relationship with her Mom . Due to lack of tolerance and trust in both sides, the communication level between them went very low. They were good but just that they did not share stories together. This girl has always thought that her Mom was not as open-minded to discuss things that are personal and therefore, they never had deep talk. They never talk about relationships and stuff. They never told each other that they care and love. It was so shameful to not be able to tell that. She used to whine a lot about others having such open-mined and easy-going parents. She envied that a lot and often got unhappy. Incident occured and the Mom somehow lost trust in her girl as she suspected her doing things behind her back. Yet again, it was never been brought up and kept silent till now. Despite that, things were actually fine between them. It was just that there were silent issues been kept in both their hearts making them both not trusting each other. Bad times are gone and It's all good now.
After entering uni and staying apart from the family during weekdays, she started to realize things. Being with all the good people has impacted her and gave a good influence on her. She realized it was so wrong to not be able to be close to her Mom. She then started to try to work things out and slowly, things became better. It took her a while to leave the egoness and showed more concern to her family and appreciate them. She learnt that nothing is more important than her family. Another incident that brought her to realization was that when she was down with allergy attack, she realized that no one loves her more than her parents. She could never have learnt a better lesson in her life. Things have been wonderful now. She's now slowly open up to her parents. One good achievement today, she finally found the courage to share a sweet story with her parents though it was brought up quite randomly. She hopes that the bond will grow stronger and closer as time goes. i'm pretty sure it would and i believe they'll be greater:)
It is actually not that bad after all to cry in front of parents,she realized. Mom was so touched that her girl actually teared and worried when she suffered from fish bone choking. Looking at Mom's choked, red face gave her heart ache. JUst to share an information, if such things were to happen, rinsing the throat with vinegar does help to alleviate the bone. Apparently, vinegar is able to soften the bone and ease the removal of it. That was how it saved Mom. The rice method did not help much.

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Bry@nt ThE tHiNkEr said...

So touching to read such a story..Hope you and mom are progressing well in terms of EVERYTHING ya..
Btw, things always look greener on the other side, so dun be envy too much =p