Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mannerism 101

I think i can kill a cow right now. I wished all the rude people in the world get the punishment they deserved and i'd really like to impose a law on these people. They got no authority to make other's lives miserable and worse even, threaten their safety. Didn't they learn what manners are and practise them? Such aweful occurence to have them roaming around and causing miseries. One thing that i can't tolerate is these rude people. Just so, so aweful! We shall promote 'Mannerism 101', not like they gonna be bothered anyway. i'm sure they'll get what they deserve some day. Maybe they feel good by behaving such way. Maybe i should try becoming one as well, so that at least i wont feel i was being rude-d at. maybe i could be even better than them. Speaking of being evil..i think i can do equally good ;D

-she was just pissed-

1 comment:

Lia said...

i know exactly how u feel lisum! i believe karma will work its magic on these ppl...