Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I had two nightmares last night. Both with me in similar kind of torture but in different scenarios. Okay, it might sound funny. The torture in the nightmare was i being held and tickled on my armpit non-stop. It wasn't some painful torture but believe me, if you were being hand-held and tickled like that, it would feel just as bad as the joss sticks being chucked at your skin with your hand-held and not able to escape. i had that kind of nightmare too,once. Back to the story, in this first nightmare, i was walking around with my baby in a somewhat appeared to me, a mall. then walking and walking, i noticed there were two girls who acted suspiciously following us all the time. Kept walking. er, actually the in-between pieces were missing. okay came to this torturous part. I was suddenly grabbed my arms by one the girls and the other one started ticking me on my armpit! I was struggling and tried to scream but was not able to. The feeling was horrible! Ugh! Then finally i managed to shout and i woke up. I meant i really shouted. My aunt who shares the room with me but she sleeps on the mattress on the floor was awakened by the soft shouting and asked me what was wrong. I was too tired and was actually still not fully awake , so i did not respond to her and continued to sleep. Then the second nightmare came. Strange i could not remember the details of this one though it was more recent.Because we usually can recall the most recent dream if we have had a few on the same night. But yeah, i could only remember the tickling part. Yes, tickling again! Again, i was hand-held and could not run. I woke up for the second time with a soft shout. Omg, like i could feel the tickling for real. errrrrrhhhhhhhhh! The second time i was awake, i was more conscious. I was scared. I started to chant in my head. I was afraid that i was awake, alone and dark, and i was scared too to fall asleep and having the nightmare again. I was praying hard for someone in the house to wake up. I did not dare to move and both my legs were crossed. Oh, i used to sleep with my legs crossed when i was young till my secondary years because i was very scared at nights and dark. Slept with lights on though. My guts were just tiny back then. Eventually, about 20s-30s minutes ( i think it was. or maybe was only few minutes but i felt long) later my dad was up and i was relieved a little. And so, i fell asleep again. I woke in the morning feeling tired so was a little late for work. When i came to the office, i told my colleagues of my encounter and one of them asked if i had any beverage like coffee, essence etc before i went to bed. In fact, i had tea. She said,based on past experiences, that if we take beverages or food that energize the body, eg coffee, our brain will be active and if forced to sleep, nightmares will occur. Maybe not to everyone. But mine was most likely the tea. So yeah i've learnt my lesson to not take in tea, coffee, whatever, sugar before to bed. I am really afraid of anymore ticklings in my dream. Also no real ticklings too. No no!

So if you wanna have a good night sleep, avoid such food or anything that'll keep your brain alert.

Again i have to stress, tickling with hand held is one of the most unpleasant torture. At least to me. But i dont mind to do it for others who think that that is a pleasure heheh...


Pruedence Pung said...

Aii..itu pasal ler...tea..
take some more ler!!!! Stubborn tortoise ;P

Li_he@rt said...

i think not just the tea but also tickle trauma from real life. hrm, someone is responsible for it ..