Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Are you lonesome tonight

This is so strange.

Last night, i stayed up late to watch drama series and all of a sudden, i felt motion of emptiness engulfed me. As i looked around the quiet house, i felt so lonely as everyone else was asleep and sister and aunt who share room with me were not. It felt just like the times when i was all alone in the small little room in the university's hostel. Lonesome and horrible feeling. But then, it was not as if i have not been alone till that late at home. I didn't feel so bad like this. i felt even worse when i got to the bed, alone :( I thought it was the hormones that caused the turbulence. It should be normal at this time of the month, i guessed. i could not find a solid reason as to why i was feeling so aweful. This morning when i woke up, i was all alone in the house.That feeling crept back into me. Was feeling a little blue while on my way to work but thankfully it did not last that long. Just wondering why was it so... :S

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Amy said...

hmm....interesting feeling... I do experience surreal/floaty feelings before but don't recall the sudden loneliness feeling.. hope it has already gone away!