Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The metamorphosis cycle

She's back now for the year 2008 and this is her first entry of the year. Things have been pretty good for her , even greater. She was back then a young caterpillar that eats and eats just to want to grow, not knowing the things she took in were good orbad. Now she has moved to a new phase of the cycle, the pupa stage. This is the time when she could start gather all her energy and strengths to be able to morph into a beautiful and strong butterfly when the time comes. in this context, it is the knwledge, experience, values and such to equip her in the process of morphing into a gorgeous butterfly. She believes that she can achieve that someday=)
The year 2008 has been really kind to her. She has never felt this wonderful. One great thing that she has learnt and to bring into this year is that being thankful of the things around. She has began to truly appreciate things with her heart. She loves herself more than anything now. She loves her family, her friends and is grateful of all the things she has now. This girl has really grown up and no longer the childish girl with all the silly thoughts she could have (although she is still a little childish now but in a matured way..can't really express well but yeah) She used to complain and question a lot. Whining alot of times. How come i dont get this?How come they have ?I want this too and i want that as well and la la la..always trying to pursue things that are unrealistic. SHe's also agreed that she was quite a drama queen last time. Would laugh at herself thinking back of those things back then. I feel so glad that she has finally found herself, not completely but getting there:) At least she is strong within herself and knows what she wants (not all the time but at least much better la!) She believes that more great things will come along, not to mention that she has found some great things:) Life seems more colorful now, just like having rainbow that doesn't fade even after rain has long gone. She just want to say one word : AWESOME, girl!

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